Saturday, February 13, 2010

V-Day Eve

Morning!  Just a quick little post today to show you my latest crafty endeavor.  I made these cute (and very easy) candy bags for our Valentine Day party at church today.  It's a party for the kids - pizza, chocolate, crafts, and games included.  Our Pastor and his wife were nice enough to organize this so the parents could go out for lunch ALONE.  Huh, alone?  What's that?

I just filled snack-size baggies with cheap candy and stapled the decorated top on.  It's just a cardstock rectangle (6 3/4" x 4") folded in half and decorated with stickers.  Too easy and really inexpensive.  If you do this for someone besides little short people that will immediately rip it open and devour what's inside, you might take a little more time and staple, then decorate so your staples are covered. 

And, finally, a picture of what my short person #2 did while I blogged the other day. 

At least the kid can draw a balloon.  On my floor.  Good thing it's only linoleum. When the cat's away...

Have a lovely Heart Day!  Eat something bad.