Thursday, August 5, 2010


Did you like my little disappearing act?  And how I reappeared, almost 4 months to the day from when I disappeared?  Pretty cool, eh? 

So, really, very sorry for disappearing for so long.  Things got busy (still are, actually), but my lovely daughter says I should start blogging again.  And I know I should.  So, I'm gonna. 

Right now I'm working on two things:  a bunch of projects and nothing at all.  Some days are many-project days.  Some days are a little laundry and not much else days.  Weekends are full of church, which I love.  Pretty soon we'll have days filled with homeschooling (our first year!).  But for now, I am just going to find something to blog every day.  I promise.  Even if it is some silly thing I found on the internet or a Bible verse I read that helped me.  Just some little thing.  Hope you'll come back and see me again soon.  I won't leave you hanging this time.  :)