Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Magazine Love

Have you seen this magazine?  I think it only comes out quarterly, but it's definitely a winner in my book.  I buy food magazines often and most of the time I wish I hadn't bought them.  There are usually a few recipes in a magazine that I decide I want to try but, considering there are probably 50 recipes (or more) in some magazines, buying one is kind of a waste of money.  One of our favorite recipes - Chicken Spaghetti came out of the last issue of Mixing Bowl, so when I saw a new issue at Target today, I didn't even look inside it and put it in my basket.  I am soooo glad I did.  I dog-eared pages that had recipes I wanted to try and guess how many I found?  22!  Almost everything in there looks so delicious.  I can't wait to get to cookin'!  Go buy this magazine!

Oh, and on another food-related note, please, please, if you have green chiles hanging around, put some on your next grilled cheese sandwich.  Apparently, this is a popular thing in this area we live.  Brad made me one the other night and now I never want to have another plain grilled cheese again.


Stephen & Mandy said...

I've never heard of that magazine. I doubt they will carry it here. It's funny that you mention the chicken spaghetti recipe, because that's on the menu tonight! haha

Stephanie Z said...

Never tried green chilies in a grilled cheese. Will have to try it!