Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our iPods have new homes

See what I made?  Two little iPod cases.  Cid's is on the right and mine is on the left.  They turned out pretty cute, I thought.  The pattern came from the Winter 2007 issue of Quilts 'n More Magazine.  My mom was my inspiration for making this (as she is for so many things I make) - she made herself one after she got an iPod, which was before I got one.  Wait, my daughter got one before I did.  Not fair.  Anyway, the pattern was easy - basically it was like making a purse, of which I've made many.  But the thing is so little, it's kind of hard to sew around at the top before you turn it out.  I got it done, though.  They're not perfect, but they'll do their job.  I think that iPhones would actually fit in here, too, as well as smaller iPods like Classic or Nano.  We have the iPod touch and they fit in there just perfectly.  Hope you like.


Stephen & Mandy said...

I REEEAALLY like! I like that there is a button to secure it too. :)

Stephanie Z said...

Very cute! I always have loved the colors and patterns you choose for stuff.