Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Finally Finished

I've been working on these aprons on and off for about 3 weeks.  The pattern is called the Four Corners Apron from Vanilla House Designs.  I think if you could sit down and devote time to make one, it should only take a couple of hours.  Very easy - although I despise turning skinny things like the ties and neck strap right side out.  That took me longer than putting the rest of the apron together did.  Fiddle dee dee - 'tis done now.

One of these is for a gift, the other I just made because sometimes it's just as easy to make two and then I'll have a gift to give sometime if I need it.  Cid doesn't need one because her darling Memaw made her two and sent them to her last month.  Here they are:

I just love the half apron.  One of my favorite Alexander Henry fabrics. 

Ok, I guess I better get going on tonight's dinner - Spicy Marinated Fish Tacos.  Yum-o.  Will post the recipe and pics later. 


Anonymous said...

Hey girl - I really enjoy reading you blog. It's like old times, sitting with you and Darla getting caught up on what we did for the weekend.


Kim said...

Cute aprons! Tell Cidney she did a good job modeling them. I like your new blog design too.

Stephanie Z said...

How cute are those! I want one! LOL. And Tell Cidney I said stop growing up!