Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Just Had to Do It

It's all Mandy's fault.  She posted on Facebook that she made sugar cookies and, well, I just had to bake some.  I don't know what recipe she used, but I had one in mind that I wanted to make.  I haven't baked in a long time.  It wasn't that I was craving the cookies, it was that I needed to bake.  So I gave in.  And I know I'm trying to lose weight.  And I only had 1/2 cookie and a spoonful of dough.  But I shared an apple with Cort and promise I'll eat well the rest of the day.  And I'll exercise extra. 

Go make some of these now.  They are fast, big, and delicious.  Joy the Baker sure knows her stuff, huh?
Giant Vanilla Sugar Cookies

The recipe made about 18 cookies (19, I guess if I hadn't eaten a spoonful of dough).  I made them really big - 4 or 5 inches.  I thought about rolling the dough into a ball and then rolling the ball in sugar, but I just got a big dollop in the spoon and plopped it on the cookie sheet, flattened it with my fingers, and sprinkled some sugar on top.  Soooo yummy.


Stephen & Mandy said...

It's okay to blame me!! You have more self control than I do! I wish I could say I only ate 1/2 a cookie.
I'll post the recipe soon, and you defnitely have to try them (and give them away, otherwise I don't think you'll be able to eat only 1/2 a cookie, too)
Love you!

Kim said...

These cookies were delicious!! I definitely would like to have the recipe. Thank you for sharing them with us. I have four kids who helped me eat them or else I might have ate all of yummy. I'm going to have to excercise extra now too. Thanks again.